Dana Village

Enrich your Jordan Vacation with a visit to Dana Village area, overlooking the scenic Wadi Dana, has 

been occupied since about 4000 BC. 

Archaeological evidence indicates that Palaeolithic, Egyptian, Nabatean, and Roman civilisations have been drawn to the area by the fertile soil, water springs, and strategic location. Today, Dana Village is inhabited mostly by clans of the “Al Ata’ata” tribe, which settled in the area during the Ottoman period, about four hundred years ago, and built the present village. Over the years, many of the families in Dana Village have moved to the nearby village of Qadissiya, in search of better jobs, schools, and housing. The crumbling Dana Village was nearly abandoned, but thanks to the fund-raising efforts of the Friends of Dana, a dynamic women’s group in Amman, over 70 of the traditional stone housed have been restored, enabling some families to remain in the village.