To give you an idea of the difficulty of our adventures, we've ranked our activities and adventures according to three different ratings: easy, moderate, and challenging.

We take many factors into consideration in these ratings, including distances covered, terrain, altitude, weather conditions and vehicle support.

Trip Rating

  Easy: Suitable for most people in good health. These trips generally include short hikes or / and cycling trips on good paths with minimal uphills.
  Moderate: A reasonable level of fitness is required, as these trips can require sustained endurance levels along steep trails and uneven paths. Canyoning trips may include few abseils (rappels), long hikes and occasional climbs. Biking trips include a series of up and downhills but nothing too strenuous. A support vehicle will be always available so weary travelers will be able to hitch a ride. A typical trekking day would be walking 4 to 5 hours a day including a 2 hour ascending a mountain.
  Challenging: These trips are physically demanding and best suited for strong people with high endurance levels. Days can be long, often along difficult trails, in remote regions. Canyoning trips may include several abseils (rappels) and extensive climbs/hikes through steep terrains. Biking trips will have support vehicles nearby, but sometimes without one. travelers may be required to carry a backpack.